NECA Recognizes Two 50-year Members from the Rochester Chapter

Brian Haas, president and owner of Connors-Haas, Inc., receives National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) "50-year Membership Award" from NECA Eastern Region Field Rep, Ben Nest.

Brian Haas, president and owner of Connors-Haas, Inc., receives National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) “50-year Membership Award” from NECA Eastern Region Field Rep, Ben Nest.

At a Chapter Luncheon on May 2nd at Brook-Lea Country Club, NECA Eastern Region Field Rep, Ben Nest, recognized two Rochester Chapter members (Connors-Haas, Inc. & E. Sprague, Batavia, Inc.) for a half century of loyal support and dedicated service to the Association and for their many contributions to the electrical contracting industry.

As members of the National Electrical Contractors Association for fifty years, Connors-Haas and E. Sprague, Batavia have been a part of the Association’s progress and innovation.  NECA owes much of our successes and growth to our long-standing members.  Thanks to the support and commitment from members like Connors-Haas and E. Sprague, Batavia, NECA is acknowledged as the voice of the electrical contracting industry.

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Rochester NECA Contractor Earns Top Safety Award

Congratulations are in order for Rochester, NY Chapter, NECA member…Rath Electric. NECA’s Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards program is an elite safety recognition program focused on recognizing thriving companies that excel in multiple areas of their safety and health programs. Awards are given to member companies that consistently have OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates at levels lower than the industry standard, and implement internal company safety practices above and beyond basic compliance.

The Zero-Injury Award recognizes those member-companies that have worked a full calendar year without recordable incidents.

Rath Electric, Inc. (Hamlin, NY)

With today’s clients demanding evidence of effective safety performance and the integration of safety and health management systems into jobsite safety, occupational safety and health has evolved from a regulatory-driven activity into a business development tool. Safety-conscious contractors are justifiably proud of their achievements, and they know their winning status is a powerful marketing tool for gaining more customers.


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Rochester NY Chapter NECA Election Results are in!

The official results of both elections are in.  The Rochester NY Chapter NECA Board of Directors for the two year term of 2016 -2017 is:

President:  Vic Salerno
Vice President:  Carl Rath
Treasurer:  Ron Billitier
Director:  Dan Streicher, Jr.

The Rochester NY NECA Chapter Governor is:
Dan Streicher, Jr.

Please join me in thanking all of the members who participated in the elections and in congratulating Vic, Carl, Ron and Dan!

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Nik Wallenda’s Death-Defying Walk Made Possible by Rochester NECA Contractor

wallenda-chicago-buildingsHigh above the Chicago river, between the skyscrapers that dot the most picturesque skyline in America, Nik Wallenda made history for the third time in as many years. His feat? Tighrope walking as his family has done for generations, while thousands of on-lookers and millions on television watched with baited breath.

But Nik was as solid as the wire beneath his feet – thanks to the skills and expertise of NECA Contractor O’Connell Electric and IBEW Local 1249.

See more at:’s-death-defying-walk-made-possible-by-neca-ibew-team#sthash.pVYo7tA8.dpuf

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Nik Walenda World Record Made Possible by Rochester NECA Contractor

NikWalenda_GrandCanyonNik Wallenda recently walked across the Grand Canyon on Sunday, June 23, 2013, and into the record books once again. But what you didn’t see was all the behind-the-scenes work that went on by O’Connell Electric and its IBEW workforce to make sure that Nik’s wire was safely tethered to the earth while he wasn’t.

See more at:

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NECA Contractor Celebrates Local DPW Grand Opening

LawrenceElectricWithSen.NozzolioKyle Lawrence (left) and Kenneth Lawrence (right) of Lawrence Electric join New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio (center) as they celebrate the grand opening of the new Highway Department facility in the Town of Farmington.

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The Rochester NY Chapter of NECA and NECA National Welcome New Student Chapter at Alfred State College

As the market for electrical contracting services expands in diverse directions, finding capable managers to oversee current projects and plan for future growth is becoming a challenge for many contractors. NECA is addressing the potential managerial shortfall in our industry through a variety of ongoing activities, including establishing student organizations at colleges and universities to encourage young people to consider careers in electrical contracting.

Therefore, we are pleased to welcome our newest NECA Student Chapter at Alfred State College in Alfred, New York. There are now 26 NECA Student Chapters operating across the country, and we anticipate adding more in the near future.

The new organization at Alfred State College (ASC) is sponsored by the Rochester New York Chapter, NECA. This chapter is now affiliated with two NECA Student Chapters, having brought Rochester Institute of Technology into the program earlier this year.

A component of ELECTRI International’s Talent Initiative, the NECA Student Chapter program consists of student-run chapters that are supported by NECA chapters and university faculty. Developing future managers through activities involving the best and brightest students is especially important because managerial and administrative personnel in EC firms must not only understand the business but also be able to work effectively in teams, solve complex problems, and communicate clearly. It behooves us to inspire smart, capable young people to join us — before some other industry snatches them away!

At the national level, NECA and ELECTRI International support NECA Student Chapters in a variety of ways, including presenting the annual Green Energy Challenge student competition and holding a NECA Student Chapter Summit in conjunction with our annual Convention. NECA chapters that sponsor student chapters expose the students to industry-related educational programs, such as those offered by NECA’s Management Education Institute; help arrange internships with local NECA-member contractors and field trips to NECA contractors’ offices and work sites; and provide guidance with respect to special student projects.

More information about NECA Student Chapters, including guidance on how to establish one, is available at

About Alfred State College

NECA’s student chapter program is open to any college or university that offers a curriculum which helps prepare students for a career in the electrical construction industry. One of the State University of New York (SUNY) system’s premier colleges of technology, ASC, with its motto of “Hit the Ground Running,” prepares students for careers in many ways.

It offers 52 associate-level programs, including more than a dozen in applied and engineering technologies, and 19 baccalaureate degree programs. The School of Applied Technology on ASC’s Wellsville campus offers an associate degree in occupational studies (AOS), including “Electrical Construction and Maintenance Electrician,” as well as certificate programs. (The ASC NECA Student Chapter’s faculty advisor, Stephen P. Kielar, is an instructor for the electrical trades and also teaches in the college’s Computer Networking Department.)

Project-based learning is a cornerstone of Alfred State culture. Many of its programs lead to internships with area companies. ASC also offers job placement services and very active academic advising and counseling. In its most recent placement survey, 99% of ASC graduates either found jobs or went on to pursue four-year degrees. And, 94% of those students who entered the workforce got jobs in their chosen field. Being well-prepared and work-ready gives ASC students a significant head start on life and in their professional careers.

Sports fans might also be interested in knowing that ASC is the home of the Pioneers.

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Student Chapter of National Electrical Contractors Association Established: RIT’s program becomes the first student chapter in New York state

Student Chapter of National Electrical
Contractors Association Established

RIT’s program becomes the
first student chapter in New York state

Investment in the electrical transmission and utilities sector may reach $160 billion in
the next 10 years, according to industry experts, specifically with the installation of new transmission lines, facilities and infrastructure for traditional and alternative energy resources.

To support students preparing for these fields, a student chapter of the National
Electrical Contractors Association was recently chartered at Rochester Institute of Technology. It becomes the first student chapter for the national organization in New York, and among 25 student chapters in the U.S.

The national organization, which granted a Charter of Affiliation on April 17, provides
training, advocacy and advancement for professionals in the electrical construction industry. Student chapter affiliates have access to the many of the same services and career enhancements as professionals in the field.

RIT’s new chapter is open to students in all its academic programs, especially the
electrical mechanical engineering technology program and civil engineering
technology programs, based in the College of Applied Science and Technology,
and the electrical and microelectronics engineering program in the Kate Gleason
College of Engineering, says Dave Krispinsky, the academic advisor for the student

Krispinsky and nearly a dozen students recently toured the national association’s local
facilities and the adjoining Rochester Joint Apprentice Training Center. “The tour
was a great eye-opener to some of the opportunities that are available to
engineering students right in the Rochester area,” says Clayton Hotchkiss, a
second-year electrical mechanical engineering major from Belmont, N.Y. He will
be the student-liaison to Rochester NECA chapter.

For moreinformation about becoming a member of the RIT student chapter of the National Electrical Contactors Association, contact Krispinsky at 475-2073 or

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The Wicks Law: The Truth About Multiple Prime Bids and Construction

We the People . . . as individuals and as taxpayers deserve the rest of the story. On March 21, 2012 the question was raised whether the Wicks Law is impeding a new Hamlin Library. Taxpayers read the story . . . their eyes and minds fed only a piece of the whole. Unfortunately, the whole looks a lot different than the piece that was offered.

The Wicks Law was enacted in 1912 to reduce corruption and expose the construction procurement process to public scrutiny. The law requires that most state agencies and local governments use multiple bids on construction projects above a specified dollar amount. The electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors submit separate bids for their own portion of the work to be performed. This is in contrast to a single bid, where the general contractor is able to lump together all of the work with no clear separation of the bids.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the rest of the story in an attempt to give the taxpayers the real picture.

The issue is whether single prime bidding or multiple prime bidding is more cost effective for the tax payers in New York State. Not surprisingly, those who oppose the Wicks Law continue to base their arguments upon outdated and discounted studies. For example, the State conducted a study in 1987 that concluded multiple prime jobs were more costly than single prime jobs. However, you the taxpayer were never told that the results do not actually reflect that true cost differential. This is because when the study was conducted, vital differences in the projects studied were not taken into account.

What about the studies that repeatedly get overlooked by those who oppose the Wicks Law? Numerous studies when taken together show a clear picture of the impact and importance of the Wick’s Law in reducing costs. This alone should cause our taxpayers to dive a little deeper…learn a little more…question a bit more frequently. Let’s take a moment. You will come to see the issue in a whole new light.

The New Jersey Studies of the 1960’s and 1970’s concluded that Multiple Prime Contracts produced lower bids in 85 out of 90 projects and that single prime jobs had almost 9 percent higher bid costs than multiple prime projects. In 1993, the Study of New York Wicks Law Prepared for the Electrical Contracting Foundation once again showed that single bid jobs have a higher bid cost and a higher final cost than multiple bid projects. In 1995, the National Study Prepared for The Electrical Contracting Foundation and The Mechanical Contracting Foundation found that multiple prime contracting jobs are over 5 percent less expensive than single prime jobs and that the differences were due in large part to lower bid costs. In 1999, the New Jersey Study Prepared by The Carnoustie Group concluded that single prime contracts have a higher cost overrun and that multiple prime bids are lower than single prime bids. In 2006, the research study Single vs. Multiple Prime Contracting Prepared for ELECTRI International showed that single prime contracts have a 5 percent higher average ratio of final cost to estimated cost than multiple prime contracts and that the difference is due in large part to multiple primes having lower bid costs.

As you can clearly see, having multiple bids does not increase the cost as some would like you to believe. In fact, multiple bids result in a decrease to cost. It just makes common sense . . . if you were to build or fund a project; do you really think that the costs would be lower when you can’t see what the costs really are? Why don’t those who seek to repeal the Wicks Law want you, the taxpayer, to see the bidding process?

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Need a Low Cost iPad Application for your Construction Business?

“When the chief executive officer for Chesterfield-based Brinkmann Constructors went searching for an iPad application for his company, he was floored by the cost – $70,000 or more.

So Robert G. “Bob” Brinkmann decided last spring to develop his own job-site app.

The result is what his company calls the Construction Superintendent-Journeyman app, and it is being offered to other small- to medium-sized construction businesses at a cost of about $300.”

Click here for the full article.

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